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At FightFit Militia Sunninghill South Africa we are happy to offer all new prospective students a 7 day FREE trial, during which you will be granted all the privileges of a full All Access Membership, which includes access to all our martial arts & fitness classes every day from Monday to Saturday, as well as additional scheduled classes with any of our in-house specialists.

(The 7day class pass allows you to come and experience training with us for free. – delete) We are confident that after trying a few classes with our experienced & active world class coaches & staff you will get to experience why we are considered the premier mixed martial arts, fitness & conditioning facility in South-Africa, and rated amongst the top in the world.

CHANGE HAPPENS HERE, in a world-class facility, world-class coaching & training methodology, state-of-the-art equipment, and a motivating tribe of enthusiasts, movers and change makers you won’t find anywhere else! On joining FightFit Militia Sunninghill South Africa, will you get more than just classes, you become part of our martial arts culture, Tribe & community united by the ideals of the Martial Arts lifestyle that is proudly South African. Specialised classes, Community & family events, coupled with martial arts community classes create a fun and exciting environment for training & activities that you and your family will love to participate in and be all part of.

You Will Change your Life Forever.


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