Strength, Honor, Courage and Mastery


FFM Professional Athletes

Being part of Fightfit Militia is not about being one man or woman, Fightfit Militia is about being part of a team, a family, we train together, we help each other, we become brothers and sisters to one another….we are a family.

Take a look at our brothers and sisters below to find out more about their fighting history, their goals & achievements.

Fightfit Militia is SA’s premium Mixed Martial Arts Sports Team, and the only gym on the African continent whom have worked for the past ten years to facilitate a process whereby an athlete with professional combat sports ambitions, can join our team and ultimately develop to professional combat sport level, and eventually compete on any world platform, such as EFC, UFC, Balatore, Brave & KSW.

Please contact us if you are interested in pursuing your professional combat sport ambition.

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