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Class Schedule

& Fees Structure

Martial arts classes are held Monday to Thurs (unless otherwise stated) as well as on Sat Mornings between 8-10am. All classes are an 1 hour long.


FFM Class schedules are as follows:


Morning classes

  • Iron Athletics (crossfit) at 5:15 am.(Mon to Fri)
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (All Levels) at 6:00 am.(Mon to Fri)
  • Muay Thai and Boxing at 6:00 am. (Mon to Thurs)
  • MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing Intermediate to Advanced session at 8:00 am. (Mon to Thurs) – min 6 mnths exp Required
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Intermediate to Advanced session at 11:30am to 13.30pm (Mon to Thurs) – min 6 mnths exp Required


Afternoon classes

  • Boxing and fitness at 17:30 pm.(Mon to Thurs)
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (All Levels) at 17:30 pm – 19.00pm(Mon to Thurs)
  • Ladies BJJ Class (All Levels) at 17:30 pm. (Mon & Thurs)
  • Ladies Muay Thai and Boxing at 17:30 pm.(Thues & Thurs)
  • MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing at 18:30 pm. (Mon to Thurs)



  • MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing & Fitness at 8:00 am.(Combined class)
  • Ladies Muay Thai and Boxing at 9:00 am.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Fundamental class) at 9:00 am.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu open mat at 10:00 am.


Our ladies MMA & Kickboxing at 17.30pm Tues & Thurs as well on Sat mornings at 8.00am. This class can be alternated on Mon & Wednesday with our group boxing class which is during the same timeslot – This will be classed as one module… Note, our gym is community driven, and therefore endeavour to make our classes available to all and thus not be gender specific…

General Rules

Kindly note we do not allow shoes on our training mats, whilst shoes are to be worn when not on the mats to ensure that no underfoot dirt is carried onto the mats…

We kindly ask that shoes are stored neatly behind the metal strip or under the benches and that all personal belongings be stowed in the pigeon holes provided to assist with keeping the area around our mats a clutter and accident free zone… We do have lockers which are available for monthly rental.

Locker Rental

We provide lockers for rental at R100 per month, including a once off refundable deposit of R250. The locker is designed as such that bags and clothes on hangers fit comfortably therein. Should you elect to rent a locker on signing a new membership contract, then the once off registration fee of R400 will be discounted by the R250 refundable deposit…

Class Fees

  • Single Module Membership (A specific timeslot): R750 per month for 5 sessions a week, every week of the month.
  • Multi Classes All Access Membership: R1000 per month which allows one access to all martial arts classes across all timeslots.
  • We also offer private one on one sessions if that is what you prefer at a day and time of your choosing. Such cost R350 per session and is sold a minimum 10 sessions in advance, payable to FightFit Militia. Please provide proof of payment to finalise and secure sessions.

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Payment Option

Our monthly membership payment options are, (1) either monthly via debit order (please provide banking details if selected). The contract is for 12 months, however your debit order will be cancelled on receipt of notice of membership termination, and (2) a non-refundable cash option (by prior approval only) which is payable 6 monthly in advance by either cash, card or EFT. We follow up with a reminder for renewal, otherwise the 6 monthly contract is considered terminated.

A once off R400 registration fee also applies.

Kindly note, membership may only commence once a contract has been duly completed and payment has been made.

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