Strength, Honor, Courage and Mastery


Training Professionals

Rich & Chef have been involved in & competing in sports, combat sports and martial arts since a young age at the highest level. They Founded the FightFit Militia together early 2007 creating Africa’s premier Mixed Arts Community & Africa’s most successful mixed Martial team with numerous champions. They are also Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belts & owners of Gracie Barra Sunninghill Brazilian Jiu-jitsu School under direct lineage of Professor Luiz Saldanha & Master Carlos Gracie Jnr. They maintain a constantly evolving, progressive & dynamic coaching methodology based on modern techniques and old world martial arts culture where learning & community forms the core of FightFit Militia values. Rich is highly regarded as the best coach on the African Continent & Chef is the undefeated EFC worldwide two division champion. They have travelled the world training, competing, teaching & learning, bringing knowledge home to enrich all students and community members, investing in their future champion’s kids programmes, community classes and elite combat athlete development.

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