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Iron Athletics

Functional Fitness & Cross Training

Iron Athletics was developed by years of combat sports training & experience to get martial arts combat sports athletes to the highest level of fitness, strength and conditioning. The Iron Athletics Methodology & Program is a non-contact circuit training program with a strong focus on fitness, group motivation & tough love fun. Based on the strength and conditioning programs of professional combat athletes, The Iron Athletics Program will get you as fit as a professional athlete in a safe, fun, and supportive way. Our primary focus is to get you into the best mental & physical shape of your life using movements and conditioning exercises from various martial arts disciplines & sporting elements.

Iron Athletics signature high-intensity interval training is aimed and designed to consistently shock your system and deliver results. The focus is on safe technique and physiological function improving your overall strength, athletic ability & health across modular sporting disciplines. Each class is a unique combination of modalities guaranteeing that you will be challenged to the end. Be prepared to sweat through speed, agility, quickness, core strength, body weight and circuit drills incorporating equipment such as battle ropes, jump ropes, TRX suspension trainer, plyo boxes, kettle bells, medicine balls, and free weights.

Iron athletics is practiced daily, mainly in the morning to set up individuals for a power day or alternated with existing sport specific schedule to supplement your fitness & conditioning foundation. Train in a fasted state and feel your body and mind adapt to the applied exertion of a guided and monitored class. GET FIT, GET CONDITIONED, EAT HEALTHY & GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT FROM YOUR BODY

We host classes Monday- Friday at 05:15am

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