Strength, Honor, Courage and Mastery

Ladies Only Muay Thai & Kickboxing

for the ladies

Based on the original art of kickboxing called Muay Thai, Ladies Kickboxing combines the most devastating kickboxing arts developed with a high intensity and low impact cardio routine guaranteed to make anyone strong and fit, toned, de-stressed and burn body fat in the shortest! Our classes are for ladies only and suitable for beginners as no previous experience or fitness level is required. We incorporate partner training, drills, stretching for flexibility, ab-work and plyometric exercises for strength and agility, which all together gives you the most effective well-rounded workout! Its fun and social, we guarantee quality coaches and coaching technique based on years of competition experience. All this while empowering you with effective self-defence skills that every woman should know! You will do a varied range of movements to work your entire body in 45 mins. Kicks from Kickboxing for a brilliant lower body workout, Boxing for the best upper body and fitness workout; Ab-work and push-ups to develop core strength (stomach and back muscles) overall strength and conditioning, and stretching for flexibility.



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Structure & Costs

Single Module: R750 per month
Multi Classes: R1000 per month

Single classes and multi classes work per time slot. Eg. Single Module at 3pm lets you come to the gym every day and do ONE type of training if it is available that dayat that time slot. Eg. Multi ModuleĀ at 3pm lets you come to the gym every day and do ANY type of training if it is available that day at that time slot

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