Strength, Honor, Courage and Mastery


What we offer at FFM

Starting anything new can sometimes be daunting and we understand, so here at FightFit Militia Sunninghill South Africa we welcome everyone to be part of our culture of martial arts and fitness for everyone…

If you’re interested in taking the first steps towards improving yourself & progressing as a person, we offer a FREE Seven Day Trial. It’s a perfect opportunity to find out which classes you are comfortable with, suites you, and also fits in with your schedule.

During this time, you are welcome to try anything and everything on our schedule to gain an understanding of what we are really about, being a unique & diverse martial arts community.

It is in the pursuit of personal progress & the growth mind-set that pushes us all to train & live differently, to live better, to be healthier, to be part of a real tribe with real family values. The Martial artist starts everyday anew, determined to get back up and to be 1% better.

FightFit Militia Sunninghill South Africa has gained immeasurable knowledge of combat sports and have been involved in developing elite athletes through own experiences and methodologies since inception in 2007.

Here we make the elite athlete training program available to everyone in a digestible, understandable and fun environment which has no place for EGO or ELITISM.

TRAIN DIFFERENTLY today and tap into your potential by fusing the multi-disciplined approach of mixed martial arts in a world class facility with world class coaching, supported by a motivating tribe of fitness & martial arts enthusiasts & practitioners you won’t find anywhere else. Regardless of your age, size, shape, background, experience or fitness level, we’ll help you achieve your goals with strength, honour, courage, mastery and focussed consistency. Take a step and walk through our doors. The rest will take care of itself.

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