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The FightFit Militia Sunninghill Acceleration Private Coaching has been specifically designed by our experienced & relevant team of athletes, instructors & coaches, utilizing tried & tested methodologies from diverse martial arts & Functional fitness training experiences from around the world. A private coaching 1-on-1 session with focussed individual attention will accelerate your martial arts & functional fitness progress drastically compared to the rate of the natural progress made in a community group class.
Collectively the FFM coaching team has more than 50 years competition and championship experience and is by far the most experienced and dynamic team, and incidentally also the most decorated professional fight team in South Africa. It is these successful teaching and training techniques which will be uncovered in FFM’s Acceleration Private Coaching Sessions.

With an on-going evaluation, evolution & a train different mentality, our coaches teach & train so you can own every session & every day. Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, or even learn dietary nutrition tips for optimal training performance from any of our in-house specialist, our experienced team of coaches will help you achieve long-lasting, consistent & sustainable results that transcend far beyond our blue mats and gym walls.

Our coaches are professional, relevant, active, ON TIME, flexible and will deliver tailored coaching programmes to fit your training needs & life work schedule.

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Private Coaching
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